About TDRA

The goal of the TDRA is to organize, promote, sponsor, endorse, sanction, and conduct off-road desert races, in a safe and sustainable way. “The goal of TDRA is to promote safe races on private property while working with property owners to forge long-term relationships that allow us to keep racing in Texas”, states President Trey Palreiro. Now, more than ever the desert community/mindset is expanding in Texas and to accommodate fans, racers, businesses, and landowners the TDRA will focus on TEAM EFFORT and work together for the greater good of desert racing in Texas.

2017 will be TDRA’s fifth season, and will boast four races on at least three properties, the Texana Ranch, the TDRA Notrees TX track,  and the new Penwell TX track!

TDRA can’t do what it does without volunteers.  We’re always looking for help before, during, and after the races.  Please reach out to us if you’re interested in volunteering.  There is no better way to get involved with desert racing!