Moto Race FAQ



We have been bombarded with questions since announcing that TDRA will host Moto races (Bikes and Quads), along with our Car/Truck races.  We are as excited as everyone else for this, and wanted to take some time to answer frequently asked questions about moto races in TDRA.

Q: Will I be racing with the trucks and cars?
A: Absolutely not, we the course will be swept and all riders accounted for before starting the four wheel race.

Q:  How long is the race, are there any stops?
A:  Each race will be around 100 miles long, no planned stops.

Q:  Can I race in teams?
A:  Yes, teams are allowed no limit on number of riders, rider changes can only happen in the main pit.

Q:  What’s the terrain like?
A:  Our Notrees track has a variety of terrain, fast straights, rocky sections, silt, elevation changes and some twisty sections.  Texana is more rocky with a lot of elevation.

Q:  What if I break/get hurt?
A:  We have a large group of recovery volunteers to help get you and your bike off the track, they are positioned strategically to make sure no one waits too long.  There is an ambulance on site as well.

Q: What about fuel?  I’m coming alone, or my bike can’t make it 50 miles on a tank.
A:  We will have volunteers on site to help fuel bikes, the tracks are designed in a way that they come back into the backside of the main pit half way through a lap, so if you can’t make 50 miles, you can fuel every 25.  We will have designated fuel drop areas on both sides of the pits.

If you have any other questions, please call or email Trey Palreiro 361-522-3520