Penwell didnt make the cut!

The 2013 Penwell track will need to be pushed out until 2014.  The oilfield boom hitting the entire area is bigger than desert racing.  We have worked with the land owner and he is excited about getting us on the land to race, but also needs to keep it safe for the oilfield workers making a living.  John Clark and Race Ritchie have been working closely with the owner and have plans for the 2014 season.  We are working hard to make the Penwell track the first race of the 2014 season!

NoTrees will be the final race of the year and John Clark and team have been working on track changes, and better pit area viewing over in the gravel pit.

We hope to see everyone at the race in October with the cooler weather and track changes we should have a great turnout and need all the help with volunteers, track workers and racers alike!