Safety & Tech

For the most part, TDRA’s General Safety and Tech Rules mirror those being utilized by most of the U.S. based off-road racing organizations in place today.

There are however slight differences and these are noted in the below list.

  • Pit crew members must wear orange/yellow safety vest with reflective strips on the front and back. (these can be purchased at most Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart)
  • Pit crew members fueling car must wear full safety gear: suit, gloves and full face helmet.
  • Tower Fueling systems must have DIRECT GROUND SPIKE and deadman.
  • No vehicles on course other than registered race vehicles during race.
  • No vehicles in Remote Pit area. Pit personnel will be permitted in the Auxiliary Pit area only if they have the correct wristband. Items such as fuel, tires or additional spare parts may be left in the Auxiliary Pit area however; TDRA is not responsible for any issues with items that are left unattended.
  • Minors will be permitted to participate only if they fill out Minor Release (form requires Notary).
  • Mandatory rear view mirror or driver/co-driver side mirrors (with protection) for all race vehicles.
  • No motorcycles or ATV’s are allowed at TDRA events, please leave these vehicles at home. Pedal power bicycles are allowed and limited to designated areas only.
  • Authorized TDRA personnel ONLY past security checkpoints. This is a zero(0) tolerance policy.

General rules and information:
This is what will be looked at in Tech

  • Front and Rear facing Amber lights.
  • Rear facing Blue light for Class -9, 1600, 5/1600, and Jeep Speeds ONLY
  • Working Horn or Siren
  • (2) Two working brake lights
  • (2) Rear facing mirrors/1-side, 1-center or 1-each side
  • (2) Two Fire Extinguishers (1 inside drivers compartment, 1 outside of car near rear of car)
  • (1) one first-aid kit
  • Tow Strap
  • Breakdown Safety devices (NO ROAD FLARES)
  • 5 point harness. (Must be no older than 3 years)
  • Safety nets on both sides of Race vehicle
  • Race approved Fuel Cell  (Fire wall must be in place between fual cell and drivers compartment)
  • Battery-Dry cell (if inside driver’s compartment must be in an approved battery box)
  • Roll Cage (Must meet sanctioning rules)
  • Driving Suits

Point System for all classes:
Points Classes
1st = 60
2nd = 55
3rd = 51
4th = 47
Thru 10 places
5 points for starting race
10 points for entering every race

  • *1st Tie breaker: Tie will be broken by who ran most combines laps
  • *2nd Tie breaker: who ran fastest lap of all events

Waivers and registration forms:

 TDRA minor release waiver

 TDRA Release Form