TDRA talks to John Clark

1. What got you into desert racing?

I raced the Baja 1000 in a class 2, that was the turning point

2. What year was that?


3. What classes have you raced?

Class 2 (Baja), Class 7(Baja), Class 7s (Baja), Class 8 (Baja),

Class 1450 (Texas), Class 10 (Texas,BITD) Class 12 (baja),

Class Trophy (Texas,Baja)

4. What makes a good desert course?

The variation in terrain, from high speed down, to silt, to rocky terrain, and a tecnical section

5. Worst thing to fix in the dirt?

CVs, and a third member

6. What would you tell a new desert racer?

Off road racing is about finishing, in one peice, driving your vehicle right to the edge of its ability