TDRA wants to know????

We asked long time desert racer: “Pistol” Pete Sohren

Your car gets stuck and you need help from another racer, what do you do?

  1. Try everything you can to get yourself unstuck!  Jack, rocks, brush, shovel….
  2. Have your tow strap-hooked to your car and ready to go.
  3. The driver needs to be in the drivers seat and ready to go!
  4. Have the navigator stand in a spot so that the other racers can see your strap fully extended    and wave them down.
  5. Use a cleavase or self weaving strap to hook your strap to the back of the running car.  DO NOT TIE A KNOT, YOU WON’T GET IT UNDONE!!!
  6. Once both cars are unstuck and stopped, clear your strap as quickly and safely as possible