Texana 180: Race To Midnight Registration Is Now Live!

The TDRA Texana 180: Race To Midnight is just around the corner, registration is now live!



This race is all about having a good time and enjoying the Texana Ranch. Texana is roughly 5000 acres of desert racing, exotic animals, a great swimming pool and good summer fun! With RV hookups and camping available, the grounds are a great place to stay, but if you need a hotel they are about 6 miles from the track. The mid-day pre-run will allow some of the racers a time to get out of the heat if needed and time for others to make final adjustments on the cars prior to the afternoon race. The entire loop will be open to pre-running and GPS files will be available. The evening event will be a 180 mile race starting early evening running until midnight so have your lights out and be ready to go!


All of the 2015 races will be trophy awards only with a year end points payout.

Race event schedule: SUBJECT TO CHANGE


Registration: 12 pm-5 pm
Tech: 12 pm – 5pm
Qualifying Driver Meeting: 6:00 pm
Qualifying: 6:15 pm – 8:00 pm *see below for more info
Light Test Loop: 8pm – 10pm (Registered and Tech inspected vehicles only, all occupants in race gear)
Track closed: 10:00 pm


Late Registration and Tech: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Pre-Run: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm  (Registered and Tech inspected vehicles only, all occupants in race gear)

Drivers meeting 3:30 pm
Start time: 5:00 pm
Finish time: Midnight

Start line closed: 10:45 pm **see notes on Grand Prix Finish

SUNDAY… Awards 10:00 am


*Qualifying.  Unlimited and Water Cooled classes have option to qualify.  1 led parade lap and 1 qualifying lap on 2 mile course.  Participants will qualify in class not overall.  All participants who don’t                             qualify will draw behind qualifiers for start order.

**Grand Prix Finish:  If you do not start your final lap before 10:45 you will be finished based on the number of laps completed and the time on those laps.  If you start your last lap at 10:45 or earlier you will be allowed to finish your lap, however it is up to the discretion of race officials to stop you at the mid way point if it’s getting too late.  If it’s late in the race and you’re having trouble in the pits, be sure to go all the way to the Start/Finish line to get credit for your lap.

Here is an example of how the Grand Prix finish will work.  In air cooled there are only 3 cars this race, R. Gordon, R. Acer, and B. Dobbs are battling it out for the win, unfortunately R. Gordon lost a front wheel somewhere in the 2nd lap after hitting a buffalo, and has been tripoding it ever since so he is behind R. Acer and B. Dobbs.  Acer has had vaporlock issues in the Texas heat so he is in front of Gordon but behind Dobbs.  Dobbs starts his last lap at 10:40 and is allowed to finish all of his laps.  Acer gets to the line at 10:50 to start his last lap, he’s given credit for completing 4 laps but cannot start his 5th lap.  R. Gordon manages to get his tricycle to the line at 11:15 after finishing 4 laps, again, he is not allowed to start his last lap.  Therefore, B. Dobbs will get 1st place, Acer 2nd, and Gordon 3rd since Dobbs will have started more laps than everyone else (even if he doesn’t finish his 5th lap).  Acer will get 2nd based on the time it took for him to do 4 laps, and Gordon 3rd since he had the slower time on 4 laps.

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