West Texas 250 postponed until January 15-16, 2016



**Important Race Information** Due to heavy rains on already saturated ground the race track is unusable. The race will be moved to January 15-16 2016, the schedule, all race and other details will remain the same. Preregistered attendees can call for a refund, otherwise registration payment will apply to the Jan. date, or ANY 2016 dates. Please call TDRA President Trey Palreiro at 361-522-3520 with any questions or concerns.


It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this letter announcing the postponement of the West Texas 250. Rain is generally a welcome event, except when that event happens to be a desert race. Having raced the notorious 2012 EDR mud race I can say for a fact that it is no fun and is definitely hard on equipment. It is the only time I have ever wanted out of a Trophy Truck in my entire life, and will probably be the only time. The damaged caused to the track is still apparent, mud holes turned into silt beds that rival some in Baja (ok not really but it sounds cool). Waist deep ruts are still in the track from 4 years ago. Vehicles were severely damaged in this race as well. Blown engines from plugged oil breathers, ruined electronics, ruined helmets and gear, and I don’t think a single heim joint survived the abrasive liquid from that weekend.

TDRA doesn’t want a repeat of that weekend, especially not to end what has been an excellent and safe season. We have already cleared the new date with the landowner, so barring another extreme weather event the race will be that weekend. We feel that this is enough time for everyone to change plans, and hope that everyone can attend on the new date. TDRA will continue to strive for bigger and better things in 2016 and are planning a 4 race season in 2016 with the possibility of a new track in a completely new area for TDRA. We look forward to seeing everyone in January and hope we can hit that elusive 50 car mark. Again, if you have any questions or concerns at all please call.



Thank you for your understanding.


Trey Palreiro

President, TDRA